In 1987, Bob Stump and Gerald Stephen, forever residents of Randolph County  Indiana, approached Bud Carpenter about forming a club. A club to share and display antique tractors and they thought Bud was the person to get it started.  And he did, he made a plan to meet at the 4-H Fair in 1989, and he dreamed of having a place that belonged to the club in the future.  Their dream came true.  We now have our own grounds with the help of Randolph County Commissioners, and we have a membership of 235 people, we have an annual July show, and many other events throughout the year.
We strive to uphold the by-laws that state we are a club dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of equipment, tools, and the ways of the past.  We further strive to educate others in a fun and memorable way.

         This picture is their dream today, with Bud's original design.   

  We welcome new members and the cost is low, just $10.00 a year. For that amount you receive our newsletter which has the details and information about all our projects and activities. We currently have 254 members, so you can see we are not a large group, but we do get many things done and have a good time sharing our interest in the ways of the past for future generations. Click on the 'CONTACT US' tab and anyone on that page can help you if you want to join or just find out more about us.       
Bud Carpenter
2017 July Show Schedule