This Saturday, April 16, Jim Rush will be working on the blacksmith shop at the club grounds.  If you would like to help, be at the RCAC grounds anytime after 9:00 am.  If you have questions call Jim at 546-0686.  Tell others that might not view this webpage.

We welcome new members and the cost is low, just $10.00 a year.  For that amount you receive our newsletter which has the details and information about all our projects and activities.  We currently have 254 members, so you can see we are not a large group, but we do get many things done and have a good time sharing our interest in the ways of the past for future generations.  Click on the 'CONTACT US' tab and anyone on that page can help you if you want to join or just find out more about us.
2014 Show Facts:we plowed
245 tractors on displaya porch was added to the cabin
25+engines wonderful weather
15 or so garden tractors                            a medical helicopter landed for demonstration
gallons and gallons of ice eaten we sawed logs
117 hooks at the pull   threshed wheat
The photo was taken by Chris Retter with a remote control drone that he uses to scout his farm fields.  What a contrast of old and new, thanks to Chris and the Retter family for all they do for our club.
We had fun!